Consolidated Index for FFG Star Wars Roleplaying


So you love Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying and own all the books?  And now you can’t remember which book that one rule or star fighter was listed in?  Sure, a lot of us have been there, and while we can always fudge the fine points, it can sometimes really make a difference in the flow of the session.  After reading more than a few questions on the Forums and in my own group I decided to do something about it… and the Consolidated Index was born!

FFG_Index_CoverThe Consolidated Index is an unofficial game aid for Fantasy Flight Games’ Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, and Force and Destiny.  It includes entries from all of the Core Rulebooks, Adventure Modules, Career Sourcebooks, Sector Sourcebooks, and the online PDFs from FFG. It does not contain any information from the Beginner Box Sets nor from the various Beta Rulebooks.

Currently Included:

  • Edge of the Empire Core Rules
  • Edge of the Empire Game Master Kit
  • Enter The Unknown Career Sourcebook
  • Far Horizons Career Sourcebook
  • Dangerous Covenants Career Sourcebook
  • Fly Casual Career Sourcebook
  • Suns of Fortune Sector Sourcebook
  • Lords of Nal Hutta Sector Sourcebook
  • Beyond the Rim Adventure Module
  • Jewel of Yavin Adventure Module
  • Long Arm of the Hutts Adventure Module
  • Under a Black Sun Adventure Module
  • Age of Rebellion Core Rules
  • Age of Rebellion Game Master Kit
  • Stay on Target Career Sourcebook
  • Onslaught at Arda I Adventure Module
  • Operation Shadowpoint Adventure Module

The Index is divided into two separate sections: Index by Type and Alphabetical Index. The first focuses and groups the various entries into popular types including Gear, Rules, and Vehicles.  The second half of the Index is alphabetized into an easily searchable form.

The index does not include every entry from the various core rules indices and instead focuses on just the most important items.  If you find that you don’t see something in the Index that you would really like to see, that is from one of the included source materials, please let me know.

Please be sure to check back as new releases are made by Fantasy Flight Games.  There will be updates, but no promises about how quickly they will be made.  Announcements will be released through the FFG Star Wars Role-playing Forums.


This project would not have been possible without the help from Oggdude and his Character Generator and GM Tools.  Much of the data was pulled from his tireless efforts in updating and refining the descriptions of many description entries.  My hands and I thank you.

I would also like to thank the fine artists who graciously allowed me permission to use their artwork for this project.  If it wasn’t for you, then it would not look anywhere near as pretty.  You can find their galleries listed below.

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4 Responses to Consolidated Index for FFG Star Wars Roleplaying

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  2. jtd says:

    Any chance this will be updated in the near future? 😀

  3. Ken says:

    Love it! Thank you for this awesome document.

    Are there any plans to update it with F&D , Mask of Pirate Queen, etc?

    • Fanggrip says:

      I want to update it, but I am currently working on a new RPG system. I plan to have a beta copy available on here as soon as I finish with the first draft.

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