Silk & Durasteel – The Continuing Adventure

Hello, blog readers. This is not your regularly scheduled GM, but a player he has (perhaps foolishly – we shall see) allowed authorship here.

So I’ll just jump in. This is not a sporadic and on-going review of Fantasy Flight Games’ excellent Star Wars Edge of the Empire role-playing game like some other posts (although it is an admittedly excellent RPG). This article, and the Silk & Durasteel pdf in particular, is intended to tell the story of the events of this chronicle as they unfold. As such, I do not go into detail about how the game has been played, dice rolls, and other system elements (I’ll leave that up to the GM in his series). Rather, I try to keep a cinematic feel in describing how things have played out, telling the stories we have created as a group.

Many thanks to our GM, for his tireless work in thinking up interesting ways to try and kill (or at least severely wound) our characters – otherwise this story wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. (In all seriousness, while the story in its entirety is the product of everyone involved, the GM comes up with the story arcs that keep everything running, and he does a damn good job of it). Also, for providing the Edge of the Empire Style Guide, which has assisted significantly in maintaining a consistent and pleasing aesthetic for this story.

At the time of this posting, we have completed six adventures (chapters), and we are closing in on the seventh. Coming up next in Chapter Seven – Wiping the Slate:

The Last Call heads off to Sleheyron, a volcanic planet rife with factories, to meet with Thakba Diori. After sending a transmission to Thakba, they are invited into the port, where they are greeted by Gammorean guards and again escorted into Thakba’s throne room. Kyra first approaches the Hutt, making diplomatic assurances, and Bren presents five thousand credits, which Thakba accepts. He then requests a favor of the crew: a simple courier mission. A package, which Thakba’s droid assures them is his rightful property, requires retrieval. The ship on which the package is currently located is the Dauntless Fortune, and it has a transponder that has been smuggled onboard. The Dauntless Fortune is a CR90 Corvette owned by the Huurlek Clan. Thakba promises to forgive the crew’s entire debt if they return the package intact and undamaged.

Will the crew locate the package and complete their mission, earning a reprieve from the Hutt, or will they dig themselves even deeper in debt? And what perils will they encounter on the way? Stay tuned for more from the lovable scoundrels of the Last Call.

~lawninja (aka Kothtri Yab’ia)

About lawninja

I am a habitual gamer and professional lawyer. I reserve comment at this time on whether I am or am not a ninja. Perhaps I have said too much already.
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2 Responses to Silk & Durasteel – The Continuing Adventure

  1. Fanggrip says:

    Your compliments seem a bit gratutious, but thank you very much, 🙂

    • lawninja says:

      Nonsense. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge your contributions. Plus, no harm ever came from buttering up the GM. 😉

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