Shadowgates – Introduction

Shadowgates is a series of articles that take the Star Wars Role-playing game made by Fantasy Flight Games and modifies it into a modern urban fantasy setting.  It is a conjunction of the Foundations series, which first showcased the sorcery rules.  While the setting will be intended for a modern (2014) setting, it will be fairly easy to adapt to any setting based after the 1900’s.

You will need the various game lines such as Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny to get the most utility and enjoyment out of this series.  Since this is a fan-made endeavor, I will be trying to limit the amount of copyrighted material from FFG that I reprint here.  All rights are reserved by Fantasy Flight Games for the original system, and this series of articles is in no way attempting to usurp those rights.  All information about the setting, and the sorcery system, are my own creations.

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