Terr & Kel – Independent Operators


Terr and Kel are a pair of shady operators who work together on the Edge of the Empire.  They often broker deals between parties interested in acquiring goods and services that are not commonly available on the open market.  While they are not thieves or thugs themselves, they hire those who can get the job done quickly, quietly, and with the maximum of personal profit.

Terr Karn


Background:  Terrence Karn was an Imperial operative for most of his career and was cashiered out to work on with the ISB on a semi-regular basis.  His entire starting bankroll was a loan from the ISB to assist in creating his new business.  He mostly works as a fixer, operator, or go-between for shady business deals and illegal activities.  He has several small criminal convictions, honestly earned, that help him deal with the fringers and scum he deals with on a regular basis.

His partner Kelbis Boiny, a Rodian pilot with dubious taste, is his lover and business partner.  She knows quite well that the Empire pays them very well for certain rumors, tidbits, and the occasional job.  She is in charge of maintenance for their ship the “Silver Rancor”, a wreck of a YT-1300p.

Design Notes:  Terr and Kel were designed to be a pair of fixers in my chronicle.  The idea for their romantic involvement actually was spurred by the introductory adventure from the Edge of the Empire Core Rules.  The reaction of my players to the scene with the Human pirate and the Rodian cartographer was simply too good to pass up.  Jokes about what they saw in each other, include more than a few ribald ones about snouts, planted it firmly in my imagination.

They can be easily used to give assignments to groups of player character who need the extra credits.  They try to remain as removed with the acquisitions as they can, but are usually good to their word about payments and conditions.  Introduce them early, and then spring the big reveal several stories in for maximum effect if the players are rebel sympathizers.

The picture files attached to this article were created by OggDude’s Character Generator.

Artwork of Terrence Karn was created, and used with permission, from KaraNan from Deviant Art.  Artwork of Kelbis Boiny was created, and used with permission, by Ohida from Deviant Art.

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