Publica Armatures


Publica Armatures is a small but prestigious manufacturer of side arms for very wealthy clients and elite personal guards.  They are best known for elegant and highly decorative designs that hearken back to a re-imagined golden age of the Old Republic.  While many critics of the company rail against a believed emphasis of style over substance, the sidearms are excellent quality albeit with a very proprietary machining process.


Publica Armatures was founded by a very shrewd businessman named Kylin Farr, a weapons designer named Oolan Keeler, and a down on his luck sculptor named Fettin Leddick.  Kylin had the idea to enter the sidearms market, but there was already extensive competition between some very large and powerful corporations.  Rather than compete directly with them, he decided to stay smaller but keep a higher profit margin by offering specialty weapons to a discriminating clientele.

Oolan Keeler joined Farr as a partner early on, offering his skill and design specialties in exchange for a portion of control over the new enterprise.  His early designs were very uninspired, but as the new company got their feet he began creating new an innovative targeting systems and a series of proprietary internal hardware that would limit the tinkering and modifications of his work.  His design work would often come into conflict with the artistic aspirations of their “Artistic Director”, Fettin Leddick.

Fettin Leddick is a very competent artist and sculptor who never made much money until he was hired by Farr and Keeler.  They found him attempting to sell and display a series of busts, costumes, and paraphernalia from a reimagined “Eldest Republic”.  While his designs were never historically accurate, they did encapsulate what people often thought that the time period should have resembled.  He called his designs “Vintage Republic” and was sure that they would catch on with the general populace yearning for a simpler and less cynical time.  His style was just what Publica Armatures was looking for: clean, elegant, and highly decorative.

After setting up their first manufacturing facility on Bespin’s Cloud City, they began attempting to sell to the highest echelon of the galaxy’s elite.  Their first several designs simply didn’t have the quality required from their intended niche, but did sell well enough to younger wealthy rakes.  Eventually, they found the perfect balance of excellent quality, elegant style, and exclusivity for their clientele and sales increased dramatically.


Their original manufacturing facilities are located on Bespin’s Cloud City.  While they have moved their Headquarters to Coruscant, they still have a sizable investment in Bespin, including a significant share of several gas mines.  This center is managed by Jennah Illisi, a skilled administrator and a one-time confidant to a previous Baron-Administrator.

The Coruscant Headquarters is a staid, conservative set of well-appointed showrooms and offices that appears more like a gentleman’s club than a place of commerce.  Each sound-proofed showroom is kept discretely separate from the rest, and contains a fully stocked bar, service droid, comfortable couches and chairs, demonstration models, and a target range.  All of the armed security for the building are dressed in a highly stylized padded armor designed by Fettin Leddick and carry Publica Armature’s latest weapons.


All of Publica Armature’s products should be considered top of the line in quality design and manufacturing.  The weapons all share the same design aesthetics: very smooth curves, sleek housings, intricate and beautiful copper and silver metal highlights, tiny metalworking designs, and natural wood and leather components.  Every model line can be decoratively customized with various preferred materials and color schemes.  Some of these customizations may further increase the cost of the item.  Game Masters should consider whether or not a Boost die may be appropriate for social situations where the appearance and brand name may be helpful to the owner.

All of these materials have been improved and strengthened using advanced techniques to be safety compliant for weapons.  Publica Armatures warranties its products for the life of the weapon or attachment, barring any direct combat damage.  Armor has a lifetime warranty only for daily wear, combat use is not covered.

All Damage bonuses due to Superior Quality are already reflected in the Damage Rating for the weapon.  All Encumbrance and Soak bonuses due to Superior Armor are likewise already applied to the armor listing.  Secondary weapons such as vibro-bayonets do not enjoy the Superior Quality of the primary weapon.

All weapons sold by Publica Armatures are designed to be proprietary in nature and only work with the attachments they sell. These accessories will cost an additional 25% markup above standard prices.  They are not designed to be installed in weapons from other manufacturers.

Any non-PA attachment that a character attempts to add onto a PA weapon will suffer an additional setback die.  Modifications to existing attachments also suffer this penalty.  The result also will lack the design aesthetics of the company and will look obviously modified.  This will void any remaining warranty.

PA-078 Contessa Personal Defender / PA-058 Gentleman’s Personal Defender
Skill Used – Ranged (Light)
Range – Short
Damage – 6
Critical – 4
Hard Points – 0
Cost – 5,250
Encumbrance – 1
Rarity – 6
Qualities – Stun Setting, Superior

The Contessa Personal Defender is the latest in a series of small hold-out blasters designed for the upper class lady who desires a dose of hands-on personal protection.  This line is designed and marketed for women, but there is a nearly identical firearm for men.  It has a more masculine name and design.  They both enjoy an identical bonus to concealment as the standard hold-out blaster listed in the core rules.

PA-010 Publica Guardsman Sidearm
Skill Used – Ranged (Light)
Range – Medium
Damage – 7
Critical – 3
Hard Points – 2
Cost – 5,500
Encumbrance – 1
Rarity – 6
Qualities – Stun Setting, Superior

The Guardsman Sidearm is the most common and basic blaster pistol made by Publica Armatures.  Intended for the personal guard or bodyguards of the elite, these weapons are of superior quality and fashionable appearance.  Many appearance customization options are available, but all fit the design motif and style of the Vintage Republic.

PA-020 Publica Guardsman Rifle w/ Vibro-Bayonet
Skill Used – Ranged (Heavy) / Melee
Range – Long / Engaged
Damage – 10 / +1
Critical – 3 / 2
Hard Points – 2
Cost – 6,500
Encumbrance – 4
Rarity – 7
Qualities – Stun Setting, Superior / Pierce 2, Vicious 1

Guardsman Rifles are designed and marketed to honor guards and their employers.  A highly fashionable alternative to the standard blaster rifle, this rifle has a retractable vibro-bayonet.  This bayonet is intended to help protect the owner from close engagements and melee combat.  It requires one incidental action to release or retract the vibro-bayonet.  All statistics after the slash in the listing above refers only to the vibro-bayonet.

PA-110 Publica Regal Sidearm
Skill Used – Ranged (Light)
Range – Medium
Damage – 7
Critical – 3
Hard Points – 1
Cost – 7,750
Encumbrance – 1
Rarity – 6
Qualities – Stun Setting, Superior

Very similar in many ways to the more standard PA-010 blaster pistol, the Regal Sidearm is intended for use by the most discriminating clientele personally.  These sidearms have a built-in Multi-optics Sight.  The information is broadcast to a holo-projector on the top of the sidearm that is used to display the images and information from the weapon or compatible data sources.

PA-120 Publica Regal Huntsman Rifle
Skill Used – Ranged (Heavy)
Range – Long
Damage – 10
Critical – 3
Hard Points – 2
Cost – 8,500
Encumbrance – 4
Rarity – 7
Qualities – Stun Setting, Superior

Very similar in many ways to the more standard PA-020 blaster rifle, the Regal Huntsman Rifle is intended for hunting wild game or safari.  Unlike the PA-020 they do not have a standard retractable vibro-bayonet.  These rifles have a built-in Multi-optics Sight.  The information is broadcast to a holo-projector on the top of the rifle that is used to display the images and information from the weapon or compatible data sources.

PA-B01 Publica Guardsman Armor
Defense – 0
Soak – 2
Hard Points – 0
Cost – 750
Encumbrance – 2
Rarity – 6
Qualities – None

The Guardsman armor is a very stylized suit of padded armor with decorative frills and society accents.  The basic suit resembles the waistcoat and military jacket from Earth’s 19th Century with modern touches and splashes.  Epaulets, buttons, embroidery and sashes are very common traits of this very individualized armor.

PA-B10 Publica Cavalier Armor
Defense – 1
Soak – 3
Hard Points – 3
Cost – 11,000
Encumbrance – 5
Rarity – 8
Qualities – Superior

The Cavalier Armor is a full suit of laminate body armor that is designed to resemble the fictionalized Knights of the Old Republic.  The armor comes in a wide variety of possible styles and appearances, often custom-made for the wearer or a retinue.  All of the available styles fit the Vintage Republic motif and design philosophy.

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