Kannon Lissiri – Trandoshan Big Game Hunter


Kannon Lissiri is a professional big game hunter turned bounty hunter.  Like all of his clutch and ancestors for several generations back, he was taught from a very early age how to hunt prey for the Great Hunt.  Once a minor holo-vid celebrity, after a humiliating televised loss he has ventured into hunting sentient prey.

Kannon Lissiri (Nemesis)


Artwork used by permission from SlainDragon. www.slaindragon.deviantart.com
Artwork by SlainDragon.

Brawn  – 4
Agility – 2
Intellect – 2
Cunning – 3
Presence – 3
Willpower – 2

Athletics 1, Brawl 3, Perception 2, Piloting (Planetary) 1, Piloting (Space) 1, Ranged (Light) 2, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Vigilance 2, Xenology 1

Adversary 1, Outdoorsman 1, Stalker 1, Swift, Toughened 1

Regeneration (Heal +1 Wound w/ Bacta)

Soak/Defense: 6/0
Wound Threshold: 18
Strain Threshold: 11

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (Ranged[Light]; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range |Medium|; Stun Setting), Claws (Brawl; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range |Engaged|), Padded Armor (Soak +2; Enc 2), Shock Gauntlet (RH Only; Brawl; Damage +0; Critical 5; Range |Engaged|; Stun 3; Has Built-in Commlink, Holo-messenger, and PDA)

Minions: Slice Hounds (Brawn 2; Agility 2; Intellect 1; Cunning 3; Willpower 1; Presence 1; Soak 3; Wound Threshold 4; Skills in Groups [Brawl, Perception, Survival, Vigilance]; Claws [Brawl; Damage 3; Critical 3; Range |Engaged|]

Background: Kannon Lissiri was raised to be a hunter.  His family was well-known and respected by other Trandoshans on his home-world of Gh’opi, a lush and verdant world kept as mostly wilderness for the enjoyment of the local populace.  As a child he was always very competitive, needing to be the best of all his clutch-mates.  At times this need overwhelmed his judgement, and injuries would often occur.  He broke with the family tradition of being local hunters, and left the planet in search of fame and bigger game.

He found both when he eventually joined a professional hunting competition sponsored by a small-time holo-vid publishing house.  This initial production, which he won handily, whetted his appetite for more dangerous prey and the attention from others.  He had a good screen presence for the filming team, and they kept him under contract.  Kannon continued to enter larger and larger competitions, garnering a significant number of awards, trophies, accolades, and sponsors.  While he was never one of the big name bounty hunters, in the right circles, he was respected and well-known.

This all came crashing down with his first galaxy level competitive hunt.  While stalking a Krayt Dragon on Tatooine, he had set up the perfect trap.  He waited for the beast to become immobilized and then leapt down to dispatch it with nothing more than his claws.  As he leapt, a fusillade of blaster fire rained down upon the beast killing it, destroying the hide, and stealing his kill.

The rules of the event forbade him from taking the proper revenge then, but it simmered deep within him.  By day he would try to act normal, as if this was simply any other defeat.  At night he would stare up at the ceiling, worried that he had lost face with the Scorekeeper, and that all of his hunts meant nothing until he was avenged.  He quickly lost sponsors as his once intriguing screen presence dwindled under his increasing dissatisfaction and rage.

Eventually he made the leap to bounty hunting.  He never stopped looking for the one who destroyed his career, but he had to keep making credits somehow.  He has garnered a new reputation as a bounty hunter for making sure the prey comes back however the customer prefers.

Design Notes:  This character was originally created as a nemesis for one of my players who has the Obligation of Obsessed: Big Game Hunter.  I figured what better way to show his obsession with hunting, competition, and winning at all costs than to show him one of the victims of his obsession.  That and I wanted to make a Trandoshan NPC.

You can use him as a regular bounty hunter looking for the group in your games if you wish, but you can also use him as a fairly honorable rival during a bounty hunt.  He will not outright attack any PCs, without just cause, but he will hinder and delay them with tricks, traps, and stunning injury.  If you decide to have one of your PCs be the individual to humiliate him during the hunt, he will single-mindedly attempt to humiliate, capture, and eventually kill the character and those who protect the PC.

He was designed in mind for in-experienced player characters, so you may wish to give him additional ranks in skills, a few more talents, or perhaps a few more Slice Hounds.

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