Quick & Dirty – Introduction

The Quick & Dirty series of articles will deal with quick rolls to help the GM and players create important content on the fly when the adventure goes outside of the GM’s original narrative.  While there are quite a few very good and similar systems out there, none of the ones I have seen yet use the FFG Star Wars Edge of the Empire dice to their fullest potential.  This series will utilize the idea of cooperative narrative gaming at it’s finest, using the EotE system of Success, Failure, Advantage, Threat, Triumph, and Despair.

Groups are suggested to roll these results openly, share ideas, and collaboratively create the events, locales, or people that follow.  Game Masters can use these articles behind the scene for adventure hooks and ideas for sessions.  Don’t worry about the results too much, use them as creativity starters, but most of all keep it Quick & Dirty.

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