Hello & Welcome

Hello to you and welcome to this blog.

This blog will have musing on all sorts of computer games, role-playing games, board games, and frankly anything else I feel like.  I hope you find it entertaining and illuminating.  I intend to add ideas, game discussions, and stats for games that I play that are written by someone else.

You may be wondering about the site tag. If so, you are probably familiar with the role-playing game I developed with a group of friends called Alpha Chronicles.  It is a fantastic game that uses percentile dice, a wide array of character options, and is a hugely modular and well balanced system.  It is also has free starter rules available on AlphaChronicles.com and on DriveThruRPG.com and has a full set of rules available for sale in Print or PDF.  You would have your time well spent checking it out.

This blog isn’t going to discuss that game.  This blog is going to discuss all of the other great systems and not so great systems I have played over the years.  I have been gaming since 1984, and I have seen a lot of systems come and go.  Some good, some bad, most were mediocre.  I have spent most of this time Game Mastering, with a few breaks here and there to keep my creative juices flowing.  Many thanks to those who stepped up to the plate and tried to GM to allow me this respite.

Just a list for those of you still vetting me and in a rough chronological order…

  • D&D Boxed Sets (Red, Blue, Black, Gold)
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Ed, 2nd Ed, 3rd Ed)
  • Top Secret (Original & T.S.S.I.)
  • Palladium Books’ System (All of them)
  • Cyberpunk (2010 & 2020)
  • Star Wars (West End Games)
  • Shadowrun (3rd Ed)
  • Champion
  • Fantasized Adventures by Great River Games
  • Battlelords of the 23rd Century
  • Riddle of Steel
  • Hackmaster
  • Alpha Arkana & Alpha Chronicles
  • World of Darkness (OWOD & NWOD)
  • Aberrant & Adventure! (Storyteller)
  • Serenity RPG
  • FATE RPG (Dresden Files mostly)
  • FFG’s Star Wars

In addition to those, I have read the rules for dozens more RPG systems.  Rolemaster, Gygax’s Legendary something or other, Hollow Earth, Mistborn, and so on.

My friend Jason has a saying “It isn’t the System, It is the Group that Matters“.  And he really is correct on this.  There have been some real stinkers out there that have been saved by a really good set of people playing.  And some groups that no game can save.

It really isn’t just about the Game Master, it takes a solid group of people willing to work together and hash out rules that simply don’t make sense.  I have been lucky for much of my time gaming.  I have a solid group that games weekly.  Heck, our overall group of gaming friends is so large at the moment it has splinter groups, almost like espionage cells.

People sometime leave us, and we miss those who have left us to find a better job, or for family responsibilities, or even just because they moved on.  The great thing about our hobby though is this…sometimes they come back.  Especially now with skype and all of the communication technology available to us.  It is a great day to be a gamer.

So, this wandering and aimless welcome post winds to an end.  I hope you will join me as I continue to explore new games, new ideas, new concepts that will help all of us become a Consummate Gamer.

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